World Traveller Preset Bundle

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For all of you who can’t decide which pack will suit your needs best: this pack is the answer! Get a total of 47 custom Lightroom Presets we created for editing our shots during last year’s travels in 3 different styles each (basic + low & high contrast). So with this pack you’ll get 141 presets!


-contains the Bali, Hawaii, LA & Santorini Pack
-edit all your past and future travel shots 

 all presets also available for the free Lightroom Mobile App now! (find installation guide here)


No matter if you are going to edit tropical, urban, jungle or beach shots – with this pack you’ll be prepared to edit any of your travel pics! For easy and fast adjustments all our filters come in 3 different ways (basic + low & high contrast). They will offer a huge variety of different editing styles so that you are able to choose the one which pleases you most.


As some of our packs come with special filters, like for example filters especially created for night or sunset shots, the Worldtraveller Pack includes a few as well. This pack is made up of 4 different filter packs (Bali, Hawaii, LA, Santorini) so check out the product pages to learn all about their special filters.

Each filter is a good base for your photos. From there you can apply your personal touches and make your photos unique. Please keep in mind that every filter works different on every photo because of different light or color settings. All our presets are designed for Lightroom 4-7, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC & Lightroom Mobile. They are compatible with RAW as well as JPEG photos.