Bali Preset Pack

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These 11 custom Lightroom Presets we used for editing our Bali pictures will help you creating unique color images. All of them come in 3 different styles (basic + low & high contrast).


-great on green, blue and sunset tones
-2 special filters included (1 nighty filter with strong artificial red light effects and 1 faded filter) 

 all presets also available for the free Lightroom Mobile App now! (find installation guide here)

-also included in our:

World Traveller Preset Bundle


These 11 filters work best on your wild travel/adventure shots with green, blue and sunset tones. For easy and fast adjustments all our filters come in 3 different ways (basic + low & high contrast) - so there will be 33 presets in total.


Filter BAL7 has been designed for night shots with strong artificial red light effects. Filter BAL8 is kinda different because it desaturates deep greens and blues and adds a little grain and fade. With BAL11 you can bring up warm tones so definitely something for a deep blue pic.

Each filter is a good base for your photos. From there you can apply your personal touches and make your photos unique. Please keep in mind that every filter works different on every photo because of different light or color settings. All our presets are designed for Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC & Lightroom Mobile. They are compatible with RAW as well as JPEG photos.